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The Composer and Oboist Niels Eje

The oboist and composer Niels Eje is regarded as one of the worlds leading performers of classical- as well as crossover music, and a creator of new genre-breaking repertoire for his instrument, the oboe. Working and recording with outstanding artists from many genres Eje has participated on more than 30 CD releases, including Miles Davis´ Aura.

Born in Copenhagen in 1954, Niels Eje graduated from The Danish Academy of Music and received further education from Lothar Koch (Berlin Philharmonic) and held a position as principal oboe in the Danish National Radio Orchestra in the 1970-80ties. In 1990 he resigned from the orchestra and devoted his career entirely to his own projects as soloist, composer and ensemble player, and during the last decade he has received several awards for his work as composer, arranger and performer with his group "Trio Rococo", including a Gold award for the best selling album
"Classical Mystery Tour" – Norwegian Wood (Trio Rococo plays Beatles),
internationally released by BMG/RCA Victor.

At the present moment Niels Eje is participating in a huge scientific project concerning music and medicine - composing, arranging and recording more than 24 hours of original music for hospitals and healthcare centers around the World. From 1999 the music  is being tested on 4 major hospitals in Denmark and this exciting project will be followed on the Internet in the coming year. " The Egmont Foundation"   is supporting this project. (see: http://www.musicahumana.dk ).

In 1996 Gefion Records recorded the Album Ablaze: Music composed and arranged by Niels Eje. This Album; contains both music inspired by the Viking Age in Denmark some 1000 years ago, and music written for a stage version of Charles Dickens´ " Great Expectations"

Fairies And Tales is a new fantasy piece inspired by Nordic myths and legends, with Tales based on true stories from the age of the Danish Vikings. Fairies and Tales is written and dedicated to James Galway and Safri Duo, in admiration of their brilliant and unique genius as performing artists. This new piece of music was performed at 10 Concerts  in USA February 2000.

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